The 5 Keys to High-Performance Recruitment Advertising

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Level-Set: What’s Recruitment Advertising?

Let’s face it: There’s a ton of vernacular and jargon that is used in this realm, and it can be confusing. But when I think of recruitment advertising, I think about it from a marketer’s perspective (shocking, I know).

Recruitment advertising is a strategy that employs various tactics and channels, and is a pivotal facet of a broader, carefully planned recruitment marketing strategy. Implicitly, it is one of the many “push tactics” for creating interest among job seekers in both the open jobs you have and why they should want to work at your organization (a.k.a. your employer brand and employee value proposition or WIIFM). Unfortunately, we don’t all have the brand recognition of the Amazons, Ubers, and Coca-Colas of the world, and in order to find great talent, we need to go out there and tell people about it!

We defined recruitment advertising  in a previous post, so in keeping with that: Recruitment advertising is the marketing

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