The Amazonification of the Candidate Experience

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Candidate experience is a hot topic and has been for a while now. Most companies are finally beginning to realize that candidates, having many choices of where to work with 1.75 jobs available for every worker in the marketplace, increasingly expect their digital experience when applying to a job to mirror their shopping experience on Amazon. This is particularly true in the skilled and hourly space, an area unaffected by the recent rash of tech layoffs.

However, most companies aren’t getting it right, yet. The reason companies like Amazon have been so successful at gaining and keeping customers is not just the ease of browsing, shopping, and completing an order. It’s the quick and seamless follow-through to delivery that seals the deal.

I can place an order on Amazon right now for hockey tape for my son, and that order will be on my rural Vermont front porch in two days. Not only is it easy for me to order, the follow-through on that order is quick, easy, reliable, and delivered accurately (with a tracking app and updates if something goes awry).

And, I trust that this will happen every single time I order – and it does.

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