The Art of Rejection: Can you turn rejected candidates into brand promoters?

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Best practices for keeping those candidates you’ve passed up happy, engaged, and potentially coming back. 

With candidate volumes constantly increasing , especially with the rise of WFH and WFA positions, preserving your employer brand at scale becomes harder than ever. It is essential to a successful sourcing and pipelining strategy to help all candidates, even those who aren’t qualified for the position they applied for. Keeping rejected candidates engaged is perhaps the most difficult task of pipelining. 


A few automation tricks can help in building a positive experience for these candidates, keep them warm for future opportunities, and even activate them to become referrers for other candidates. Read on to find out about 4 Talkpush features specifically designed to let them down easy, and keeping them interested.


1. Delay in rejection notice

The automated pre-screening process means a pass or fail decision is usually made instantaneously, as soon as the candidate applies. On the face of it, this is a great benefit for the candidate, who is not left in the dark. The conversational AI interface is often used to eliminate candidates based on location or education or any other criteria that your team sets up. But if

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