The Big Stay: The secret to boosting your engagement and retention


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It wasn’t too long ago we were all talking about (and stressing over) the Great Resignation

Between June 2021 and December 2022, “over 4 million Americans quit” their jobs every month. To be blunt, the pressure on HR was never higher due to the immense challenges of managing extreme turnover rates, reshaping organizational cultures, and maintaining morale—not to mention the relentless need for innovative recruitment and retention strategies

But fast-forward to today, and the tide has turned. The Big Stay, the Great Stay—

whatever you want to call it—has taken the place of the Great Resignation. People are finally deciding to stay put.

So what’s changed? 

It’s more than just a rocky economy and declining job openings making people hesitant to jump ship. People have no qualms about calling for change with strikes on the rise and the fact that “after years of declining influence, unions are having a resurgence.” 

Ultimately, the Big Stay is a child of the Great Resignation. 

Companies hunkered down on innovative and people-centric retention strategies, and the fruits of their labor are paying off.

So, what are these killer retention strategies that motivate your people to stay and engage more, think more creatively, and

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