The Dos and Don’ts of Your Healthcare Job Applications 

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Time is a precious resource and if you are like most people, you try to guard it as much as possible.  For those performing hiring and recruitment activities within healthcare organizations, this means shortening the length of time it takes to review and hire applicants.  One way to do this is to collect as much information as possible upfront in the hopes that a decision can be made under the guise of time-savings without consideration of the applicant experience.  

Does application length matter?

Short answer, yes!  If your application is too short, you miss out on the chance to collect vital information on your applicants.  If your application is too long, you run the chance of pushing applicants away.  Research has shown that 60% of applicants fail to complete an application due to length or complexity.  Not only do drop off rates affect your ability to reach top talent, but they also increase the cost that it takes to acquire new employees.  So how do you fix the drop off rate problem and find an appropriate length application that captures all of the information that you need to make an informed hiring decision?  

Short and Sweet Application

Well, to start,

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