The Evolving Role of Tech Leaders in Healthcare, Part Two

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(Guest blogger Sarah Richardson is vice president of IT change leadership at OptumCare.)

In the first part of this article, I discussed the importance of reskilling the workforce to keep up with market demands and the importance of building strategic partnerships for innovation. In this post, I’ll share some innovative tools and technology in healthcare, best practices for deploying new tools, and how culture contributes to innovation. 

Innovative Tools and Technology in Healthcare

For many years, deploying electronic health records (EHR) was the center of our universe in healthcare IT. Now, our ability to pull data out of silos and into self-service business reporting dashboards is transforming business operations. 

Anything we can do to streamline the number and usability of the tools our clinicians need to do their jobs makes their lives easier. For example, an emerging AI-powered technology, ambient clinical intelligence (ACI), can securely pick up a conversation between a patient and clinician and put those insights directly into the EHR. AI will continue to transform clinical workflows by allowing providers to have more time directly with their patients. 

Best Practices for Deploying New Technologies

When making technology decisions within an organization, innovation starts with buy-in across the board

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