The Golden Opportunity for HR in Today’s Talent Marketplace: Talent Rediscovery

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Hiring in today’s economic climate is nothing short of challenging. “The labor market is tight as a drum,” asserts Christopher Rupkey, Wall Street chief economist and managing director, which means the competition to hire qualified talent is extremely tight. To find and hire employees, HR needs to use every tool in its arsenal.

So why aren’t more HR teams employing talent rediscovery to fill open positions?

According to our recent survey, The Future of Work: Intelligent by Design, only about 55 percent of HR leaders believe they effectively surface past applicants to fill open roles. This means nearly half are not turning to their existing talent pools as a source of qualified candidates.

This is a missed opportunity that could be the key to overcoming hiring challenges.

Talent Rediscovery Is Critical to Filling Open Roles

Finding and attracting new, qualified candidates is tough right now, and HR teams are quickly becoming dejected with their shrinking talent pools. What so many are forgetting is that they have a treasure trove of resumes of past job applicants they can tap into. Going back through those previous applicants is the essence of talent rediscovery.

When taking the approach of rediscovering talent, hiring managers

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