The magic of employee onboarding: How to empower your people to succeed

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It doesn’t matter how confident or capable you are; starting a new job has a way of taking you back to that awkward first-day-of-school feeling. 

Will I fit in? What if they don’t like me? Will I hate it here? What if I’m not good enough? 

Even if a new employee is excited to join your team, it’s very likely they have some anxiety about getting started. An effective employee onboarding process can alleviate those fears while also helping human resources professionals streamline the logistics of adding a new employee to your organization. 

Why onboard new employees?

Although you could technically point a new team member to their desk (or ship them a laptop, if they’re remote) and have their manager check in to outline expectations, the lack of guidance would likely create an unpleasant employee experience.

Onboarding involves a long list of tasks and responsibilities that extend well beyond the first week. At a minimum, new employee onboarding includes:

Establishing a start date Arranging a productive workspace Collecting new hire paperwork Providing information about company policies and benefits Requesting access to necessary equipment, software, and apps  Making introductions and opening lines of communication between co-workers Helping new

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