The Pitfalls of Partnerships and the Power of Modularity

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They say that when you marry someone you marry their entire family. And in business sometimes the same principle applies, when you pick a vendor you might also be committing yourself to a fistful of companies that they’ve chosen for you.

This won’t come as a surprise to most thorough decision-makers (or married couples). You probably asked your vendors about their partnerships and researched how they stack up compared to what the whole market has to offer. However, that’s not nearly enough.

Nobody can predict what technology will be capable of in the future. The only thing that we know for sure is that there will be new technological developments that we didn’t foresee.

In other words, adequate planning needs to account not just for the things that you will probably want in the future, but also the things you can’t possibly know you’ll want. Yes, you read that right. Your plans need to account not just for what you know, they need to account for what you can’t know.

As the time frame grows, so does the number of unknowables that could derail your plans. The hardest part of coming up with a good long-term strategy is accounting for

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