The Recruiter Experience: Best Practices

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The Recruiter Experience: Best Practices

In the February installment of our roundtable we asked Madeline Laurano if the recruiter experience still matters. Chiming in, Tim Sackett responded, “Not as much as last year…recruiters are going to be in a lot of pain over the next few months.”

And, with that, we all took a deep breath, cameras on and mics hot, and dove into a one hour discussion about the recruiter experience.

How do recruiters hit their ultimate goal?

With all the recruiting metrics floating around, the only goal that really matters is, “Did we make the hires we needed to make?” Cost per hire, application volume, days to fill, NPS, conversion rates – nothing matters as much as the answer to the question, “Did we make the hires we needed to make?”

Complicating the recruiter experience is a continuous inference and persistent undercurrent that what recruiters do ‘isn’t that hard’ and that ‘anyone can be a recruiter’. As leaders of talent, it is your responsibility to offer support and defend the good, and hard work, your recruitment teams do in order to keep them motivated amidst the ongoing market uncertainties.

1. Validate the experience

People in your company

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