The Ruse Is Up: Why It’s Time for Transparent Job Descriptions

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Do your job postings use the same tired phrases as everyone else’s? Your applicants notice.

A fundamental shift to remote and contingent work means that workers read more job postings than ever — and they do so whether or not they are already employed. A recent PwC US Pulse Survey discovered that 65 percent of employees are looking for a new job.

The purpose of the Great Resignation, for most workers, is to find new work. Applicants seek work that provides the challenge and sense of purpose they want and leaves behind the toxic workplace elements they don’t. Using old words and phrases communicates that the old toxic elements still exist, too.

To reach workers, companies will need to set aside old standbys like “attention to detail” in favor of clear, transparent descriptions of the work itself.

“Fast-Paced Environment” and Other Lies

Some job posting buzzwords are so worn out they’re transparent — and not in the way job-seekers want communication transparency. Experience seeking the right fit in job after job may lead job-seekers to interpret some of the most overused phrases in uncharitable ways:

“Fast-paced environment” — We’re understaffed. “A dynamic self-starter” — Our onboarding process is nonexistent.

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