The Shift from Candidate Experience to Retention and Diversity as Hiring Priorities

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Over the last year, a significant shift has happened in how employers look at talent. There have always been forward thinking organizations that considered retention as a recruiting metric, but over the last year I’ve seen significant signals in the market that indicate this shift is more than previously believed.

The current hiring market is incredibly challenging. We haven’t seen this low of an unemployment rate in most of our working lifetimes, and certainly not in recent history, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics data below shows.

This is forcing employers to rethink hiring and to prioritize retention and talent mobility over just adding more warm bodies to the payroll.

Shifting Priorities

Last quarter, our team did some research with a client on talent acquisition priorities for enterprise employers. When we forced these HR and talent leaders to rank their priorities relative to the others, something interesting happened:

Candidate experience dropped as a priority relative to other options, even though it was by far the #1 choice in 2018 Diversity and inclusion surged to the top of the list Hiring for fit and reducing bias dramatically increased in importance

The theme between these changes? Employers are focusing less on

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