The Ultimate Guide: WhatsApp Messaging for Recruiters

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The Ultimate Guide: WhatsApp Messaging for Recruiters


Used the right way, WhatsApp can give recruiters a strong competitive edge in a high-demand talent market.


WhatsApp is where conversations happen. For most of the world outside of US, Japan, China, the platform needs no introduction. It is THE place where people talk. With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, it is by far the world’s most popular messaging platform. For recruiters looking to connect with talent, it makes sense to meet them there.


Already back in 2016, there was 3x more messages sent via WhatsApp than via SMS worldwide.


One way for employers to elevate their brand is to deliver candidate experiences that are natural and comfortable to them, and there is nothing more natural for most of the world than to be chatting on WhatsApp.


Table of Contents 

Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Recruitment

10 Ways to use WhatsApp to Improve Candidate Engagement 

Level up your hiring efforts on WhatsApp with Talkpush

Best Practices for WhatsApp Recruitment (and standing out from the competition)

WhatsApp Hiring FAQ’s

Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Recruitment

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