This or That: Appreciating our differences

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A coworker once asked me: “How can you just sit here working in silence?” 

As an audiophile, she preferred to listen to music while performing her design work. In fact, she had different playlists, each hand-curated to match the type of task she needed to perform.

I didn’t pick up her penchant for mood music, but I appreciated her intentionality.

Since then, I’ve learned to not only recognize key differences among my co-workers, but to appreciate them as a result. I love to celebrate others’ preferences! Of course, when I meet a new team member, it takes a bit of time to ferret out what similarities and differences we may have.

Highlighting – and celebrating – our differences 

I was reminded of this recently when I saw a PI social media post getting in on the This or That trend on TikTok. It featured a team of co-workers self-selecting their personal preferences among various pairs of options. It was quick, fun, and oh-so-illuminating.

In some ways, a given pair of co-workers learned they were similar in one way, yet different in others. For example, Courtney and Sarah are both outgoing, yet Courtney is more assertive while Sarah is more

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