To Scale Hiring Internationally, You Need Artificial Intelligence

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The pandemic hastened technological transformations in a number of industries. Tools like videoconferencing, platforms for cloud-based collaboration, and similar options existed pre-pandemic, but their use became normalized as workers sought to maintain social distance while still completing core job tasks. 

This more-remote world, combined with the refinement of artificial intelligence, offers the opportunity for companies to hire at a truly global scale. Managing a planet’s worth of applications hasn’t been achievable for humans working alone. Humans working with AI, on the other hand, can seek top talent worldwide.

Why AI Is Essential to Global Hiring

Remote working options have changed the way both employers and workers think about work. In the wake of the pandemic, 84 percent of employers are focused on using technology to revamp work processes, anticipating that up to 44 percent of the workforce could be moved to remote positions, write Klaus Schwab and Saadia Zahidi at the World Economic Forum. 

Being able to work from anywhere in the world gives workers greater flexibility in seeking work roles, employers, and career paths. It also gives employers more options when recruiting. Companies are no longer limited to those willing to relocate to or already residing in the geographic

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