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Today’s HR professionals have a lot to contend with: Recruitment and workforce planning, emerging technologies, the need for new skills and continuous upskilling, remote work—and the communication issues that come from a dispersed workforce. 

On top of this, HR professionals have a whole new generation (hello, Gen Z!) to cater to with wholly different expectations of employers, approaches to work, and workplace values. 

But the biggest shift of all is how HR teams have transformed from backstage admins to fundamental business decision-makers with a seat at the table in just a few years. 

As Stacey Harris, chief research officer and managing partner at Sapient Insights put it, “HR is the only function that can help companies build unique, lasting differentiators. We do not get innovation, continual growth, or deep customer relationships through HR cost-cutting. Instead, we get frustrated employees and more attrition … [W]hen HR is viewed as a strategic partner, talent, HR, and business outcomes all dramatically increase.”

And the numbers agree with Stacey, with a survey showing that 46 percent of respondents view HR as contributing strategic value in 2022, a noticeable rise from 38 percent in 2014. 

This International HR Day, we’re introducing Influential HR as the

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