What About Duration-Based Postings and Job Slots?

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When you think about advertising jobs online, I can imagine that your brain automatically refers back to the last ad you heard on the radio about posting a job somewhere for a flat monthly fee. 

And that duration-based and job slot models offer an easily digestible concept for getting your open job(s) in front of candidates. It’s simple: Create a job post, pay the fee, and watch the candidates flow in. 

If you think about it though, shouldn’t it be, create the job post, watch the candidates flow in, and then pay based on what you get in return?

Yes yes, it should be that way, and therein lies one of the many antiquated aspects of what has come to be known as the post and pray model for advertising jobs.  

It’s not just the cost model that is left wanting, though. There are a number of other aspects of efficient job advertising that go unrealized

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