What Is Automotive Data Scraping?

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Much has been written about the competitiveness of today’s car market. It doesn’t matter how consumers are looking to buy – new or used – there just aren’t that many vehicles in dealership lots.

What does this mean for dealers and advertisers? You’re vying for the attention of hungry customers who regularly use digital tools to find the best deals.

If you’re a dealership and price your vehicles too high, customers might lose interest. Too low, and you might lose revenue. If you’re an advertiser and don’t quickly post listings with updated information, you could lose to competitors that listed the same dealer’s vehicles faster.

Fortunately, automotive data scraping can solve these issues while enhancing both your advertising site and your business strategy. Here’s what automotive data scraping is and how you can stand out from the pack by leveraging it.

How Automotive Data Scraping Works

To understand how automotive data scraping works, it’s best to first answer the question: What is data scraping?

Data scraping (also called web scraping) extracts data from one place for use elsewhere. One example: pulling jobs data from a careers page and adding it to a job board.

After extracting this data, a web

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