What is Pre-Boarding and Why is it important?

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If you’re struggling to attract and retain quality talent, then you know all too well how important employee engagement is. Engaged team members are more likely to stick around longer and perform better than their lesser engaged counterparts. In fact, one study found that engaged employees make 40% fewer mistakes, overall driving 21% more profit for the organization. 

But too often, employers wait until a new hire’s first day to begin fostering engagement. The reality is that great employee engagement needs to start well before a new hire even steps foot in the building or logs in for their first day. It needs to start the moment they sign the offer — and that’s where pre-boarding comes into play. 

So what exactly is pre-boarding? While onboarding is the process of introducing a new employee to your company and their role after they start, pre-boarding is any engagement that happens during the time period between a signed offer letter and an employee’s first day at your company. This time period varies in length — it could be anywhere between a few days to a month.

Pre-boarding is often overlooked, but it’s a really critical step in the new hire onboarding and engagement

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