What the Chip Shortage Means for Hiring at Your Dealership

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The events of 2020 and beyond have impacted the manufacturing space in many ways. But the production of semiconductor chips — which power anything from toothbrushes to Playstations — has been hit particularly hard. And few industries have suffered the consequences of the chip shortage more than the auto industry.

For dealerships, the chip shortage has led to an extreme new car inventory shortage. And an increase in demand for personal vehicles across the United States has only exacerbated this. Consumers are sitting on savings and stimulus money and financing has never been easier. As a result, dealers are in a frustrating position — you want and can sell more, but are unable to do so due to lack of vehicles. 

You may be tempted to pause hiring until the production of chips catches up with demand. If you can’t sell, why have more people on staff? Although it may seem counterintuitive, now is actually the time to focus on enhancing your hiring process and continue working hard to bring great folks on board. 

There are two big reasons why. First, even if you think you’re fully staffed, chances are you’re not. You will always have a need for top

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