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Times are changing and so are the demands of today’s professionals. Once upon a time, a good title, a decent payslip, and the potential to move up in a company would keep top talent on hand. In 2020, the shift to work-from-home changed the way employers and their people looked at employment. And now, in the post-COVID era, the workforce has undergone a shift we never imagined. 

So, what is it that modern working professionals really want? Flexibility and work-from-home are high priorities now, but it’s important to understand the motivations behind these priorities and what people are really looking for when searching for their next position. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the main drivers that keep people happy at work.

Empowerment and trust

Empowerment and trust have a direct impact on the extra mile people are willing to go in the workplace. 

In today’s age of global hybrid and remote work, micro-management isn’t something modern professionals tolerate—the Great Resignation and the search for greater flexibility and autonomy at work illustrated just how antiquated people think it should be. This is where empowerment and trust come into play.

When a company gives its people autonomy, a

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