Why Do Recruiters Hate Easy Apply?


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It has many names. Easy, Native, Direct, One Click, to name a few. All types of apply buttons for job applications. The button that gives people – candidates and recruiters – hope. The button that makes the process of applying to a job so much simpler than having to load a new webpage, create an (yet another) account, and manually fill in all of the information from your resume that you JUST uploaded.

But, why do recruiters have so much vitriol for the Easy Button of Recruiting?

As Adam Karpiak, recruiter turned career coach says:

“I don’t *hate* it. the [easy applies] that aren’t tied to a more comprehensive application process, candidates think “why the fuck not” and just shoot their shot”

When was the last time you applied for a job? You search, find, click, upload a resume, maybe are forced to create an account and join a career page just to get the application submitted. After you’ve been forced to search, find, click, resume, blah blah blah a handful of times, you finally land on a page where they have an option to click ONE button and submit the application. You’re elated. You might not even

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