Why Leading Recruiters Build Their Own Talent Pool

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That’s because maintaining and nurturing a talent pool with clean and relevant data on people you know – who are likely to be interested and suitably qualified – can cut the time needed to source and sift. The time to hire is quicker, placements become more profitable, and your clients get high-quality candidates. 

Leading recruiters build their own talent pools. Here’s why and how.

Why build your own private talent pool?

There are recruiters out there who rely on live searches to fill their clients’ open roles. And that’s fine. But they’re missing out on a future goldmine — a keyword searchable database of historic candidate data. 

A private talent pool gives you a competitive advantage.

When clients come to you with an open role, you can immediately dip into your talent pool to find candidates that fit their needs. It’s also somewhere to store those candidates who didn’t make the cut last time around, as you never know when they might be needed.

Having your own talent pool makes you more valuable to your clients because it’s where you find passive candidates who are potentially unknown to (or forgotten about by) your competitors. It enables you to

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