With the Spike in Remote Work, Employee Background Screening Is More Necessary Than Ever – New Study by PBSA and the HR Research Institute

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Background screening is widely utilized across the globe, with 93% of all organizations reporting they conduct some type of background screening. The most common reason for businesses in the U.S. to conduct background checks is to protect employees and customers (76%) while the biggest reason for companies with no U.S. locations to conduct screening is to improve the quality of hires (61%).

The free research report, Background Screening: Trends in the U.S. and Abroad, is now available for download. PBSA and HR.com’s Research Institute conducted the study of HR professionals to identify trends in the expansion of screening in the global labor market, understand how the pandemic has made safety a top priority with increases in remote work, and, along with that, reliable background checks and background screening processes. 

Worldwide, a majority of organizations conduct both criminal and non-criminal background checks. However, criminal background checks are more common among companies with U.S. locations compared to those without U.S. locations (94% vs. 75%). And non-criminal background checks are slightly more common among those with no U.S. locations.

The range of types of background checks is expanding as HR professionals predict social media checks and employment verification are the most

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