Workday Podcast: Gladstone’s Journey From ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ to Successful Digital Transformation

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The nonprofit sector has always been a critical part of addressing the world’s biggest problems, from disease and poverty to climate change and homelessness. But for nonprofit leaders, sustaining their organizations’ important missions can be challenging even in the best of times. And outdated legacy systems and manual processes can significantly hamper their plans. 

“What we had in place before Workday was a real Frankenstein’s monster of legacy systems,” says Scott Pegg, chief information officer at Gladstone Institutes, a 600-person research institution whose mission is using science to overcome disease. “They were not linked together in any robust way. There were also a slew of paper processes that were really inefficient. This made things like audits and getting historical data really old school. We’re talking about digging through big file cabinets full of paper.”

Pegg needed to modernize Gladstone’s technology and streamline its business processes, so its scientists could focus on the organization’s core mission. 

“I want to make sure that our scientists maximize the amount of time they spend doing science, and not spend time getting frustrated because they can’t easily get a copy of their W-2 or some other administrative issue,” says Pegg.

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