Workday Podcast: How Nonprofit Leaders Can Strengthen Their Mission

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Nonprofits are well known for their missions of doing good, whether that’s feeding the hungry, elevating art, or improving literacy. Less well known is the collective power of these organizations, which have improved life within the U.S. in another way: The nonprofit sector is the country’s third-largest employer.

“Social enterprise is like economic Buddhism,” says Robert Egger, founder of the DC Central Kitchen and LA Kitchen and award-winning author and speaker. “It’s the middle path between .com and .org that most communities don’t even know exists.”

This lack of awareness also makes it difficult for people to determine if a particular nonprofit is effective or not, which may mean the most impactful organizations are not getting all the funds they need.

“People can tell you what’s a good dry cleaner, but they can’t tell you what’s a good nonprofit. And that’s kind of frightening when you think about the amount of money Americans give to charity annually—almost $400 billion.”

And many key nonprofit collaborators, such as elected officials, may also not fully understand the benefits these organizations can bring. That’s a huge missed opportunity to help their communities

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