Workday Podcast: How the Best Stay on Top in Professional Services

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All companies want to excel, but what steps can you take to be the best? In the competitive world of professional services, figuring this out is more important than ever. Mark David, senior director of industry strategy at Workday, recently spoke with Jeanne Urich, managing director of Service Performance Insight, about how the best firms reach the top and stay there. 

SPI Research is a global research and consulting organization focused on the professional services industry. Based on her extensive research from her firm’s annual benchmark survey, Urich shared her insights about the technology and process changes professional services firms are embracing to make the biggest impact on their business. 

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Below you’ll find a few highlights from the conversation, edited for clarity. You can find our other Workday Podcasts here.

“If you don’t have a handle on what your attrition is for your organization or your billable utilization, I would recommend that you start tracking those two things. As you might imagine, attrition in a people-based, highly skilled industry like professional services is on the

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