Workday Podcast: Netflix Drives Business Impact With Workday Extend

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There’s no doubt that Netflix is one of the iconic companies of our time. Whether it’s changing the way we spend our free time or changing the way it conducts its business, Netflix keeps on innovating. 

In this episode of the Workday Podcast, I talked to Netflix’s Senior Integration Architect Vinod Mahalingu about the impact that its developers have had on the organization’s innovation. Here are a few highlights from Mahalingu, edited for clarity. You can also find our other podcast episodes here

“When it comes to supporting the business, we have a good process in place. I first try to understand the requirements, then I’ll take that information and see if all the business needs will be met by the scripting capabilities that we have in Workday Extend. After that, we’ll come up with an initial design and continue to iterate from there. I know it’s not a one-time thing where you’re just going to come up with a design, and they’re going to approve it right away. It’ll constantly change because once they see an initial design, they’ll want to add more.”

“Workday Extend has a

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