ZipRecruiter’s ‘Invite to Apply’ Generates 2.5 Times as Many Candidates per Job

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The smart hiring tool helps employers proactively source candidates

SANTA MONICA, June 10, 2021 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Job seekers and employers are praising ZipRecruiter’s ‘Invite to Apply’ tool as a solution to current bottlenecks in hiring. 

“During the pandemic it has been hard to find a job,” says Summer Carignan, who was hired by a major hospital through ‘Invite to Apply.’ “ZipRecruiter allowed an employer to reach out to me,” instead of the other way around. “I ended up taking a job that contacted me and the process went so much faster.”

‘Invite to Apply’ acts like a personal recruiter both for job seekers and businesses. It leverages ZipRecruiter’s powerful matching technology to identify candidates who are a strong fit for a business’s open roles and presents them to hiring managers. Businesses can then invite top candidates to apply for their jobs. 

“‘Invite to Apply’ is the key to unlocking a faster hiring process and a better candidate experience,” says ZipRecruiter co-founder and CEO Ian Siegel. “This is a smarter way for the job market to work.”

How It Works

‘Invite to Apply’ finds qualified candidates for open roles even before they apply. It then presents those job seekers

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