3DIQ Launches New Staffing Technology Integrated with Bullhorn

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–3DIQ is redefining the candidate submittal process with its first-to-market technology solution and advanced reporting suite. Built on a foundation of artificial intelligence and seamless integration, 3DIQ allows recruiters to edit and submit resumes directly from the Bullhorn applicant tracking system (ATS) and receive real-time notifications when they are reviewed by hiring managers. This increased recruiter efficiency and client engagement drives a faster hiring process and more placements.

“In today’s tight labor market, candidates don’t stay on the market for long. Our tool gives recruiters and their clients an edge when it comes to landing top talent,” said Andy Moss, founder and CEO. “Backed by decades of experience in the recruiting industry, we developed the 3DIQ application to address inefficiencies in the candidate submittal process, ultimately resulting in a better recruiter-hiring manager experience that leads to right-fit hires.”

The benefits of 3DIQ are both practical and powerful. They include:

  • Recruiter efficiency. Recruiters can edit, format, brand and submit resumes all within their existing ATS. Recruiters save up to 15 minutes per resume, leading to increased productivity and up to 10% more interviews and placements.
  • Enhanced collaboration. 3DIQ streamlines collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters, who receive candidate feedback up to 30% faster. Recruiters are notified in real time when specific hiring managers view and provide feedback on submissions, closing the communication gap and giving recruiters better visibility into hiring decisions.
  • Unparalleled usability. 3DIQ is as easy to use as it is powerful. It offers a plug-in-and-go submittal process that fits right into a recruiter’s existing workflows, and pushes client input back into Bullhorn.
  • Seamless integration. 3DIQ is purpose-built to be both practical and powerful within the Bullhorn ecosystem. Recruiters can submit resumes, right from Bullhorn, via their mobile devices. There is nothing to download or log in to in order to access the app.

While 3DIQ helps recruiters more efficiently meet their client talent demands, it goes beyond just decreasing time-to-fill. Its reporting suite helps staffing firms analyze key metrics at the recruiter, client, job and candidate level at each stage of the recruiting process.

3DIQ reports that resumes sent to hiring managers via the tool see increased engagement, with resume submissions viewed on average for 67 seconds, far longer than the industry average of 7.4 seconds reported via a 2018 Ladders Eye-Tracking Study. In addition, 3DIQ reports that 51% of resumes are viewed by the client within one hour of being submitted by the recruiter, and 50% of 3DIQ resumes receive feedback (approval or decline by the client) within one hour. Seeing these trends over time can help staffing firms understand what best-in-class clients do that leads to more successful placements.

“3DIQ has modernized how we present candidates to hiring managers which results in more placements and a faster hiring process. It’s a high ROI investment,” said Maurice Fuller, StaffingTec Conference co-founder.


3DIQ is a recruiter’s secret weapon. Its first-to-market technology solution and advanced reporting suite have transformed the candidate submittal process, resulting in more interviews and placements in less time. Purpose-built by staffing veterans, 3DIQ is seamlessly integrated with Bullhorn so recruiters can edit, format and submit resumes without leaving the ATS, and receive real-time notifications when they are reviewed by hiring managers. 3DIQ’s advanced reporting suite delivers powerful analytics at the recruiter, client, job, and candidate level to understand strengths and weaknesses at each stage of the recruiting process.

This increased recruiter efficiency and client engagement drives a faster hiring process and more successful client engagements. 3DIQ clients experience 30% faster feedback and 10% more interviews and placements. For more information, visit www.3diq.com.

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