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LAFAYETTE, CA – EarnBetter is announcing the public launch of its free AI job search assistant and a $4.5 million seed round investment led by Andreessen Horowitz and Abstract Ventures. EarnBetter’s platform utilizes generative AI to reformat and rewrite resumes in minutes, draft cover letters in seconds, and scan through millions of jobs to provide personalized matches to job seekers. 

“For many job seekers, the search can be brutal,” said EarnBetter CEO Tuck Hauptfuhrer. “Job searches are often hard, lonely and overwhelming. With the significant advances in AI, it’s now possible to provide people a lot more support to help them save time and get hired faster.” 

EarnBetter’s AI job search assistant has several features. People can upload an existing resume to the platform, and EarnBetter will deliver a professionally rewritten and reformatted resume in minutes. It can also customize resumes and cover letters for each job in seconds to help people stand out by communicating their value to potential employers. 

EarnBetter is committed to offering its tools for free to job seekers. “The job search is hard enough as it is. We strongly believe that job seekers need more support, not another expense. By developing an offering that is 100% free, EarnBetter can deliver job search support to everyone who needs it, not just everyone that can afford it,” added Hauptfuhrer. 

EarnBetter was founded in 2022 by former Credit Karma execs who saw that for many people, financial progress is elusive without changing one’s income. EarnBetter was created with the vision to build a free service that helps people advance their careers in order to achieve financial security. The founding team worked directly with job seekers to better understand their pain points and how they can be addressed using generative AI. To date, people using EarnBetter’s beta AI job search assistant have created over 100,000 resumes and cover letters. 

“Generative AI has tremendous potential to boost productivity across so many aspects of people’s lives,” said Anish Acharya, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. “Anyone who has been through a job search knows how inefficient they can be. We’re excited to support EarnBetter as they build an AI-native offering that transforms the job search experience for the better.” 

In addition to Andreessen Horowtiz and Abstract Ventures, other investors include Dylan Field (Founder and CEO of Figma), Harit Talwar (former Partner at Goldman Sachs, currently Mastercard Board Member), Annie Pearl (former Chief Product Officer of Glassdoor and Calendly), Rama Katkar (CFO of Notion), and Gokul Rajaram (Pinterest Board Member). With the $4.5 million seed round raised, EarnBetter will continue building out AI products that support job seekers, and it will assemble a world-class team passionate about improving job search. 

About EarnBetter: 

EarnBetter is a technology company that utilizes AI to provide free support to job seekers. The company’s free AI job search assistant reformats and rewrites people’s resumes in minutes, finds personalized job matches, and drafts cover letters tailored to specific opportunities. EarnBetter is backed by leading investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Abstract Ventures. Learn more at https://earnbetter.com 

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