Cadient Talent Unveils New Machine Learning Technology to Redefine How Companies Find and Hire Hourly Workers

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MORRISVILLE, N.C. – Cadient Talent, a human resources software company, today revealed its latest technology, which infuses machine learning and augmented intelligence (AI) to help organizations identify and hire employees more efficiently and increase quality of hire. Cadient Decision PointTM is a recommendation engine that works with any applicant tracking system (ATS) to instantly analyze all applicants and present hiring managers with a short list of top candidates from which to choose. 

Thanks to data-driven analytics, which is the foundation of Decision Point, the review of job candidates that used to take hiring managers days to do, and for some candidates was not done at all, can now be accomplished in a more effective manner in a matter of seconds.

Managers are busier than ever, especially those whose workers are paid by the hour, and hiring is just one of their many responsibilities. Hourly employees often leave with little or no notice, and open positions need to be filled quickly. Availability becomes the top selection criteria rather than company fit. As a result, managers make uninformed decisions, new hires don’t stay as long, and the process starts all over again. This cycle can cost companies up to $4,800 to replace each hourly employee.

Decision Point uses combined machine learning and AI with data analytics to identify candidates, without human emotion or bias, who are most likely to succeed and stay with the company longer. Once they receive the recommendations, managers can focus on the top candidates to fill the position. 

“Decision Point allows managers to begin the hiring process a step ahead of the competition with tested, data-driven analytics,” said Jim Buchanan, chief executive officer of Cadient Talent. “This solution uses machine learning algorithms that are created for a specific business to deliver better hires who will stay longer, perform better and have a greater positive financial impact on their company.”

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By using machine learning and AI, Decision Point identifies the characteristics of a company’s top-performing employees and applies that learning to the hiring process to find candidates most likely to succeed.  

Decision Point is unlike other solutions using AI for recruitment process automation. Those solutions learn to automate the way employers have previously hired. For companies with high employee turnover, that automation allows hiring managers to keep making poor decisions but at an accelerated pace. Decision Point helps automate the recruitment process but also challenges the way hiring decisions have previously been made. The real differentiator in Decision Point is that recommendations are based on candidates who actually became quality hires, not just automating a process that has and will continue to provide suboptimal results.   

The result? More quality hires, reduced turnover, decreased operating costs, increased revenue, mitigated bias in the hiring process, and a workforce with greater diversity and inclusion. 

Based on extended trial programs, Decision Point is already helping companies make better hiring decisions. For example, a business services firm currently applying Decision Point expects to see significantly improved employee tenure using Decision Point. The firm stands to save tens of millions of dollars annually because of reduced turnover alone. That does not include the benefit of increased revenue due to enhanced customer experience due to a more experienced workforce. 

“For the past 15 years, we have collected data from large companies and have analyzed applicants and new hires and benchmarked key characteristics that are most likely to predict success,” said Stuart Nisbet, chief data scientist for Cadient Talent. “Decision Point uses the intelligence it gathers and applies metrics to identify which candidates have a greater potential to be high performing based on this historical data.”

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About Cadient Talent

Cadient Talent is a leading end-to-end talent acquisition software solution built specifically for the needs of high-volume, hourly hiring industries such as retail, restaurants, hospitality and healthcare. This intuitive and flexible platform provides managers with a constant pipeline of quality candidates. Cadient Talent reduces variation and human error, resulting in faster, better hiring and a more productive workforce by streamlining hiring workforces. For more information, visit

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