DaXtra and Sense Partner Up to Maximize Recruiter Productivity

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RICHMOND — April 21, 2020 — DaXtra Technologies, the leader in intelligent recruitment solutions, and Sense, the automated communication and engagement platform built for the staffing industry, announced a new partnership, creating an automation solution to supercharge recruiting teams to streamline sourcing, make more placements, and grow their business.

To meet the needs of staffing professionals globally, advances in Natural Language Processing and artificial intelligence are rapidly developing, along with innovative recruitment solutions to help critical facets in every firm’s line of business. Automation technology has become increasingly important to augment productivity and reduce the high volume of routine tasks. Sense and DaXtra aim to address this head-on by coming together to deliver powerful automation that maximizes a firm’s resources.

Staffing firms industry-wide experience significant and costly drop-off rates throughout the talent lifecycle, wasting time and money. Candidates fall off at every stage from hiring to redeployment: 90% drop-off from eligible candidates to offers made, 20% drop-off from offer to start, 25% on-assignment turnover, and 95% failed redeployments to new opportunities. Through the combined automation power of Sense and DaXtra, staffing firms can fill these gaps and effectively source, match, and engage talent to place more candidates, reduce talent drop-off, and improve retention. 

For open roles and job orders, DaXtra automatically searches new and existing records, matching top talent based on skills and important criteria. Matched shortlists are automatically synced with Sense, triggering automated emails or texts to candidates for customized outreach and screening. Talent responses and status changes are recorded, triggering notifications to recruiters when top candidates are interested and available for open roles – making faster placements and increasing revenue. Sense not only powers growth at the top of the funnel with DaXtra but also continues to drive retention and cost-savings across the entire talent lifecycle with continuous, automated on-assignment check-ins, NPS surveys, redeployment and referral workflows, and a native two-way texting platform.

“DaXtra is a trusted partner across the industry and we’re excited to bring the power of Sense and DaXtra to staffing firms worldwide,” says Pankaj Jindal, Co-Founder of Sense. “Now, even more than ever, staffing firms and recruiters are under immense pressure to maximize their resources and the efficiency created by these two innovative technologies will transform the way modern staffing firms attract and place talent.

As recruiting technologies are evolving and digital transformation sweeps the industry, Sense brings an innovative, measurable way to communicate and engage with the top candidates identified by DaXtra. Prospective and established customers alike are now offered a modern, streamlined way to help them grow their business through the smart automation brought together by DaXtra and Sense.
“With this partnership comes an evolution in the way staffing and recruiting professionals source, match and engage with qualified candidates. This partnership strategically aligns with DaXtra’s focus on streamlined solutions for our clients,” commented DaXtra Technologies CCO, Toby Conibear. “We’re pleased and excited about the opportunity and look forward to working with Sense and their fantastic team.”
To learn more about the automated recruiting features and benefits the teamed technologies offer, click here.

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