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way merges with yello
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According to TechCrunch, WayUp, a sourcing platform for diverse candidates, announced that it is merging with Yello, a recruitment software company. The two HR tech companies will operate under Yello as a legal entity but continue to keep their independent branding with a now combined 200 employees.

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Its a curious merger of a marketplace and CRM which to my knowledge, we’ve never seen before in the online recruiting space. WayUp’s fame came as a site to recruit college students but now they brand themselves as a DE&I platform.

CEO Liz Wessel said on Linkedin;

“…as we look to the future of our business, we continue to see that sending candidates into the ATS or CRM “black hole” and never hearing back is not good for anyone. It’s a terrible experience for job seekers (the #1 complaint they have about LinkedIn or any of the job boards), and it’s a frustrating experience for recruiters (who are often understaffed as-is). 

So, we had our “aha” moment. If we create high-quality and diverse pipelines for our clients, but they can’t even make it through all of their candidates, then do our efforts even make a difference? We also realized that having a virtual sourcing platform that is separate from a CRM, ATS, or physical event platform makes everything 10x more difficult for talent acquisition leaders — especially when it comes to understanding their diversity data, funnel analytics, and event ROI. 

So, our team began to design what a dream end-to-end recruitment platform would look like for early-career recruiting teams. It would fully and securely integrate with every major ATS, include a strong “physical event” product for employers taking the hybrid (virtual + in-person) approach to recruiting, have incredible automation and scheduling, and of course, video interviewing capabilities.”…

The WayUp database will evolve to be the sourcing arm of Yello’s campus recruiting solution. It provides a diverse database of over 6 million candidates, including: 

  • Recent graduates and students from across the country who attended over 7,000 campuses
  • 71% Black, Hispanic or female candidates as well as tens of thousands of veterans
  • Candidate self-reported data on major, location, campus, graduation, gender, ethnicity and more

“In addition to offering a powerhouse of data, recruiters will benefit from the automation opportunities of two solutions from a single company,” said Corey Ferengul, CEO, Yello. “We are beyond excited to have the WayUp team joining Yello and we believe that together we will offer unparalleled capability to match employers and candidates in the campus and early talent world.”

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