HackerRank Launches AI-Powered Plagiarism Detection System for Developer Hiring

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — HackerRank, the developer skills company, today announced the launch of its advanced plagiarism detection system, fueled by the power of artificial intelligence. By leveraging dozens of signals, including the use of external tools and certain typing patterns like copy and paste, HackerRank’s AI-powered solution safeguards assessment integrity while providing developers with a fair and level playing field to showcase their skills.

HackerRank’s plagiarism detection system tracks a wide array of signals across three key categories: coding behavior features, attempt submission features, and question features. Through comprehensive analysis, the system calculates the likelihood of certain out-of-bounds activity with 93% accuracy.

“The launch of HackerRank’s AI-powered plagiarism detection system marks a significant milestone in our commitment to improving technical assessments and fostering a level playing field for developers worldwide,” said Vivek Ravisankar, CEO at HackerRank. “By leveraging the power of AI, our cutting-edge plagiarism detection system revolutionizes how developers are evaluated, protecting the integrity of the process and establishing an environment where every developer has an equal opportunity to excel. At HackerRank, we’re excited to fully embrace AI and help customers leverage its potential on their own terms.”

HackerRank’s algorithm operates solely on coding behavior, without reference to background information such as gender, race, age, school, location, or experience. This helps ensure a fair assessment process based on the merit of an individual’s skills. And, with continuous feedback and ongoing improvements, the system’s accuracy rate is projected to rise further, reaffirming HackerRank’s commitment to maintaining assessment integrity.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape where 82% of developers think AI will change the future of work and 75% are adjusting their skills accordingly, HackerRank recognizes the transformative impact of AI on the developer community. With AI becoming an integral part of coding, HackerRank’s technical assessments are evolving to align with this quickly changing landscape.

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