Harqen.AI Launches New Machine Learning Technology

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MILWAUKEE, July 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Harqen.AI, a leading provider of smart interviewing technologies for recruiters, announces the launch of the Harqen Machine Learning Platform, a new solution designed to make the hiring process more productive and predictive for employers looking to hire and retain top talent.

Harqen.AI’s groundbreaking technology takes a fresh approach to assessing job candidates, which processes transcribed candidate interview answers through an extensive linguistic analysis that measures psychological attributes, levels of enthusiasm, and word clusters that are specific to job types. Combined with a resume analysis, Harqen.AI’s Machine Learning Platform has consistently illustrated a 95 percent or higher accuracy rate in making the same hiring decision as human recruiters.

Backed by extensive research in the field of linguistic science, Harqen.AI’s first-of-its-kind solution presents a stark alternative within the current market of AI tools that are designed to analyze video interviews, namely through the use of gamification, self-assessed personality tests, or controversial facial-scanning algorithms. In contrast, Harqen.AI only analyzes the linguistic content that has been transcribed from recorded interviews, never factoring in appearance, facial expressions, or often unreliable self-reported personality traits.

“Harqen’s hiring AI solution provides both transactional and generative value to our clients,” said Mark Unak, Chief Technology Officer of Harqen. “The transactional value incorporates the solution’s ability to provide a recommendation on the candidate’s hiring, whereas the generative value encapsulates the technology’s ability to provide other insights into the recruiting campaigns, which would include the effectiveness of the questions asked to the candidates, and the psychological traits of the cohort of candidates that were accepted or declined.”

Unak added: “Our machine learning platform provides a more dependable and bias-free solution to address concerns that have surrounded the analysis of video interviews for far too long. We felt it was critical to provide an interview assessment solution that could provide a predictive assessment of candidate interviews that removed facial scanning or vocal inflection algorithms, which Harqen believes to not only be fundamentally unreliable, but more importantly consist of inherent flaws when it comes to bias.”

Once candidate interviews are processed, Harqen.AI’s analysis produces an overall recommendation score to recruiters, along with individual breakdowns of other key measurements, including a psychological trait analysis that is based on the Big Five Personality traits (also known as the OCEAN model), which include openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Employers then have the opportunity to fine tune their candidate acceptance threshold within the platform, giving recruiting teams broad control over their hiring outcomes. Ultimately, the Harqen Machine Learning Platform allows employers to process more job candidates with fewer resources and to streamline their recruitment practices.

For more information, visit www.harqen.ai.

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