High5 Launches New Recruiter Marketplace

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High5, an eTeam Inc. company, has launched a new recruiter marketplace and talent community platform that aims to disrupt traditional staffing methods and transform how companies get work done.

“Traditional staffing services and talent platforms used to find talent globally are fragmented and limited in the breadth of services they provide,” Robert Merritt, High5’s Chief Revenue Officer, explains. “They are limited in the vetting and curation of talent they deliver employers and managed staffing programs. Traditional methods promote speed over quality at the employer’s and candidate’s expense. These methods result in poor talent quality, wasted time and money, long fill times, and a hiring manager and candidate experience that is less than desirable.”

Robert Merritt

High5 is a new category of talent provider. The High5 platform creates a global, digital talent supply chain by bringing together an open marketplace of talent and global networks of independent recruiters and subject matter experts who vet and submit talent to jobs on High5. A major differentiator for High5 is how trust and high-quality outcomes are delivered to all users. Each candidate, recruiter, talent supplier, customer, and job are vetted and verified before entering the supply chain. When paired with High5’s talent engagement technology and global payrolling capabilities, these talent supply innovations are capable of delivering any candidate, with any skill, on any form of work,  to any employer or managed staffing program, anywhere in the world. This ALL-talent and ALL-work approach is a distinguishing characteristic of High5. From full-time to part-time, contract, contract-to-hire, SOW, on-site or remote, from gig-work to big work — it all gets done with High5.

Merritt concludes, “Today, roughly 25%-30% of the U.S. workforce is contingent and is expected to grow up to 45% by 2025. Employers continue to become more diverse in the types of work they provide globally. They require talent providers that will evolve with these current and future demands. The High5 platform was designed with that future in mind. High5 is already solving important talent issues such as powering diversity hiring initiatives and direct sourcing programs. 

We have a celebratory mission to create a win-win-win-win for employers, managed staffing providers, recruiters, and talent. These are our customers, and we believe High5 has enormous value and potential for all parties. High5 is a service for MSPs who run managed staffing programs, and we’re a new, innovative talent supplier they can bring to their customers. With High5, employers get the high-quality talent they require to get the work they need done, done. Recruiters can grow their businesses. Talent can find meaningful work. It’s a High5 for all.”

If you’d like more information visit https://high5hire.com 

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