HireClix Launches Candidate Experience Lab

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HireClix, a leading recruitment marketing services company, today announced it has launched its Human Experience (HX) Lab to leverage neuroscience tools and help employers improve their candidate experience. By leveraging the HX Lab, employers will have a better understanding of how candidates engage with their brand and the opportunity to improve their touchpoints in the recruiting cycle. The HX Lab will give employers the ability to measure eye tracking, facial recognition and other biometric markers to determine attention, emotions and other human behavior during the career search and application process.

Employers across all industries make massive investments in technology and brand assets to attract candidates to join their organization. Unfortunately, the candidates’ experience can often disappoint and even discourage the best candidates from applying for a job. Typically, recruiting teams can tell when someone visited a career site, when they left a page or abandoned the apply process but there is much more happening while the job seeker engages with an employer brand. The HX Lab will allow employers to develop customized studies and gain insights into emotional responses and understand specific details about what draws interest and attention and what candidates ignore.

“Leveraging neuroscience tools in the recruiting process will give HireClix clients a significant advantage in acquiring the best candidates in the marketplace. The consumer marketing world is already leveraging this technology and adding the HX Lab to our services portfolio aligns with our mission to drive innovation in recruiting. The HX Lab creates an opportunity for us to better understand how candidates behave and gives us the insights to improve engagement and response rates. This will drive a better return on advertising and technology investments. This is a game-changer within the recruiting world,” said Neil Costa, Founder & CEO.

Using neuromarketing techniques, HireClix helps clients capture physiological reactions during the candidate experience allowing us to more accurately understand how we as humans think, feel, act and respond during the job search. Before any significant career site redesign or employer brand investment, talent acquisition leaders can better understand their target audiences before making major investments. HireClix works with each client to develop a customized study for the HX Lab and then easily incorporates this cutting edge technology to see how a job seeker engages with their brand. The findings of these studies from the HX Lab will better shape the design, layout and creative elements developed for an organization’s candidate experience.

“HireClix continues to focus on finding impactful opportunities for senior talent acquisition executives to drive positive change,” said Kara Yarnot, Vice President of Strategic Consulting. “Whether we are helping a client assess their recruiting technology stack or overhaul their recruiting processes, it’s our job to be ahead of the curve and give them a competitive advantage. By introducing neuroscience marketing to the mix, we will help drive a better candidate experience.”

Introducing the HX Lab
HireClix announces this new strategic consulting service offering as a part of this week’s Talent Board “How Technology Empowers the Candidate Experience” Virtual Conference. Kara Yarnot and Jen Leon from HireClix will be leading a session on Thursday, May 28th. Register Here to Attend.

About HireClix
HireClix is a recruitment marketing agency that provides full service advertising agency services and strategic talent acquisition consulting services to help clients achieve their recruiting and employer branding goals. The HireClix recruitment advertising agency services including programmatic media buying, contract negotiations, campaign management and creative services. Additionally, HireClix built its strategic consulting practice to support talent acquisition executives as they navigate their overall talent acquisition strategy, recruitment technology selections, recruitment process optimization, program development and many other challenges in today’s recruitment marketplace. HireClix was founded in 2010 with a focus on helping clients get the best overall return on investment for their recruiting dollars and continues to be the fastest growing recruitment advertising agency in the industry, advertising in 40+ countries around the globe for a diverse group of enterprise clients across all industries. Learn more at http://www.hireclix.com.

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