Hired adds Diversity Sourcing for Tech Candidates

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NEW YORK — Hired, the leading AI-driven hiring marketplace that matches tech and sales talent with top companies including Coinbase, Dropbox, Wayfair, and thousands more, today announced the launch of its new talent sourcing tool, Diversity Goals.

This innovative solution provides companies of all sizes with a simplified process for sourcing and engaging underrepresented technology candidates – as identified by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – to fill on-site and remote positions. Diversity Goals also offers employers the ability to optimize their appeal towards underrepresented talent, gain market metrics to better inform their hiring practices, and ultimately advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across their entire organization.

Reflective of Hired’s commitment to making the hiring process more equitable and inclusive, this unique tool complements the platform’s existing DEI features, such as customized assessments and bias reduction functionalities. 

“At Hired, we aim to make DEI an integral part of the hiring experience for the benefit of both employers and candidates – Diversity Goals is enabling this through a more equitable sourcing approach,” said Josh Brenner, CEO of Hired. “Our recent report on wage inequality found that discrimination in the workplace remains prevalent – underrepresented tech talent across race and gender consistently expects and receives wages lower than their white, male peers. While some progress is being made, we still have a long way to go and the new Diversity Goals feature is one of the many steps needed to bring equity to tech.”

Unlike most existing tools on the market, Hired’s Diversity Goals relies solely on self-reported information provided directly from candidates through a voluntary survey and does not rely on AI (artificial intelligence) to infer any candidate’s personal demographics. By implementing solid security tools and privacy policies, Hired has garnered candidates’ trust and confidence and identified thousands of underrepresented candidates based on self-reported, first-party data – over 70% of candidates on the platform have been self-reporting and 30% of those are from underrepresented groups.

Drizly‘s Talent Acquisition team recently participated in the beta program of Diversity Goals and shared their experience: “Drizly is entering an exciting period of rapid growth and is in high demand for technical talent. Tech roles are crucial for us to continue innovating and disrupting the BevAlc (Beverage Alcohol) space. A main focus of ours has always been building equitable and diverse teams. With this new feature, not only are we able to search for top talent, but we have more visibility into the diversity of qualified talent. Hired has made their sourcing function more inclusive with a simple click of a button.”

As a global leader in the development and delivery of world-class recruitment solutions and a trusted strategic partner for companies ranging from Fortune 500 firms to rapidly growing startups, Hired is dedicated to driving a more equitable process for all tech hiring. For more detailed information about Diversity Goals and to request a demo of this new feature, visit Hired’s DEI page here.

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