hireEZ Announces GPT3 Feature for Candidate Outreach

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — hireEZ, the end-to-end outbound recruiting platform, today announced it will offer generative AI functionality in a product release slated for March 9. The update will leverage the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) model and hireEZ’s machine learning data to help recruiters compose and send email messages to job candidates faster than with traditional tools.

“We see the use of generative AI as a massive opportunity to improve how businesses engage and communicate with talent,” said Steven Jiang, CEO at hireEZ. “Our goal is to make sure the technology works efficiently, and ethically, for both companies and job candidates. Any recruiter today will tell you they feel like they are doing the job of five people. We envision a future where AI can help one recruiter easily do the job of 10.”

The GPT3-powered functionality will add the ability for recruiters to instantly generate unique candidate email messages based on a job description. This will fully automate the time-consuming task of composing a message, which recruiters sometimes need to do hundreds of times a day. To maximize the utility of each AI-generated message, the hireEZ platform will use proprietary machine learning data to automatically produce language tailored for recruitment. With the update, hireEZ aims to make it easier for recruiters to engage with job applicants faster and increase their ability to personalize candidate outreach at scale.

The new feature will initially be available to a limited group of customers, then to others who have registered on a waitlist, and finally to the public. Users can sign up for the waitlist here.

Artificial intelligence has been at the core of the hireEZ platform since it launched the world’s first AI candidate sourcing technology in 2017. The company is committed to investing in the responsible development of technology and adheres to a strict set of principles for building AI systems.

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