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eQuest today announced that it will begin upgrading its voice activated job posting customers to its latest upgraded version.

The new 2.0 addition adds a key element to the job posting process. Not only can a user post jobs by voice command, eQuest, via Alexa, can also keep track of the unique performance of a job by candidate and job board. Instead of reviewing charts and graphs, Alexa will convey its finding vocally, when asked.

When a performance is reported by Alexa, the user can command Alexa to forward the report to one or more emails, the ATS, or retain it in the system for later review. Charts and graphs are still available but Alexa’s voice reporting adds an easier element in the review process.

SilkRoad Technology, a global software and services platform that helps organisations attract, retain and align people to their business, announced its recognition as a Core Leader in the 2022 Fosway 9-GridTM for Talent Acquisition. SilkRoad’s position as a Core Leader is reflective of its track record for providing innovative enterprise solutions, customer advocacy and care to complex, global organisations. announced today that it has expanded its Virtual Recruiter solution to help companies scale their engineering teams with top talent in Latin America. This move comes after the company’s tremendous success in 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, and an increased demand for international technical talent.

In the last year,’s US and Canadian customers expressed interest in developing a technical workforce in Latin America for its strong engineering talent, good percentage of English speakers and similar time zone. In response, has expanded its talent coverage to Latin America, and can now help companies efficiently identify, vet, and engage technical talent at scale for the region. The company achieved this development within just one month, thanks to its AI-powered platform and vertical approach to talent sourcing.

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