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Workzinga, a human resources technology company focused on culture fit, launched its first product, Discover. Breaking the mold of existing pre-employment evaluations, Discover features Workzinga’s Culture Fit Assessment designed to indicate the alignment between candidates and the company’s workplace culture.

Developed by organizational psychologists, the assessment reinforces the importance of candidates and employers considering each other based on key motivations, leadership preferences, personality, values and job preferences.

Unlike most pre-employment tests that only evaluate six to eight characteristics, the Culture Fit Assessment aligns 26 unique traits. This insight grants hiring managers and candidates a greater perspective into how and where they align on their needs, interests and overall goals. The assessment has no wrong answers and no diagnostic results. The comparison report produced after completing the assessment shows the level of alignment between individuals and companies based on those 26 characteristics.

Modern Hire, the leading enterprise hiring platform for video interviewing and pre-hire assessments, today announced the launch of two new features that improve both client and candidate experience. 

First, Modern Hire is rolling out a Candidate Feedback Report, which clients can make available to candidates who complete a Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryout pre-hire assessment. Drawing from the candidate’s responses, the report distills the individual’s top strengths and provides personalized feedback to leverage with future opportunities either with that company or others.  

In addition, Modern Hire announced a redesign of its Candidate Dashboard, which provides candidates a more seamless experience through each stage of the candidate interview and assessment process. In addition to displaying Modern Hire’s new automated candidate advancement features, the redesign now supports international candidates who speak right-to-left languages, and as always, is compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).  

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