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A look at what’s new in HR Technology.

Ceipal, the industry-leading, AI-powered total talent acquisition platform, today released its native and fully integrated VMS, Procurewise, bringing automated sourcing and spend management tools to staffing firms and beyond. Ceipal Procurewise enables any organization to affordably manage talent suppliers and sub-suppliers by automating the entire talent acquisition process. From one platform, Ceipal users can curate talent, automate candidate engagement, and activate the entire talent supply regardless of source.

Staffing professionals typically rely on suppliers and sub-suppliers for as much as 15 percent or more of their business. By enabling medium and large staffing firms to automate and manage the entire talent supply chain from a single, integrated platform, Ceipal empowers its customers with complete visibility into their talent ecosystem. In addition to its VMS capabilities, Ceipal provides all the tools needed to manage and grow a staffing business more effectively and efficiently, including industry-leading ATS, workforce management, and CRM capabilities that are easily and natively integrated, along with data analytics, reports, invoicing, scorecards, and more.

“Ceipal Procurewise automatically evaluates and vets submissions for us and even uses duplicate logic, which ensures proper credit is given to the correct supplier for every placement in the event of duplicate candidate submissions,” said MOURI Tech Senior Manager Vishnu Goud B. “Procurewise also provides us with key insights and customized reporting that makes the entire talent acquisition lifecycle plainly visible, regardless of our talent source.”

SeatMatch, a hiring and recruiting company utilizing advanced person-role-fit technology and processes, has announced its integration of a proprietary technology, Neural Network Mapping, from Aboutly, a precision human dynamics company. This technology maps the neural networks of the human brain’s software through proprietary remote video interviews and analysis, enabling highly specific predictions about human behavior and interpersonal dynamics interactions as it applies to long term role and team fit.

“Recruitment has always been as much a science as it is an art. This new technology has decrypted more of the art bit, making it into a repeatable and scalable science,” said Nancy Slessinger, CEO of SeatMatch. “Aboutly’s Neural Network Mapping technology has already given us an unprecedented level of precision and has raised our success rate from 88% to 92% of candidates remaining a fit beyond 12 months. Our combined processes and technology give our clients data-driven matches that truly serve the needs of both the employers and candidates.”

SeatMatch has 15 years of unique hiring and recruiting expertise, and operates in over 10 countries. Their rigorous recruitment process involves over 100 quantitatively measured checkpoints, resulting in a higher standard of quality, even filtering out candidates that may traditionally seem like a good fit but would not fit long term.

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