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HireRoad, an end-to-end talent acquisition platform, today unveiled the general availability of HR Onboard and announced the market’s only unified talent acquisition, onboarding, learning management system, and data-driven insights platform tailored for mid-size organizations. The platform streamlines every stage of the hiring journey and fast-tracks the time it takes to turn new recruits into major contributors.

The new talent acquisition platform is secure and easy to integrate with other HR technology systems. From -5 to 180 days, it walks through every stage of the hiring journey offering people teams the powerful ability to hit the ground running with new hires:

  • HR Recruit: Keep prospects engaged and informed by delivering a unified and timely experience. Easily adapt to the job market and shifting requirements with automated, repeatable processes that maximize recruiters time and tools like video interviews and built in digital signatures that empower candidates.
  • HR Onboard: Set new employees up for success by delivering personalized step-by-step onboarding directions from the moment they sign the offer letter. Complete onboarding paperwork and utilize tools like surveys to get immediate feedback from new hires. And foster engagement from the start by connecting new employees with their colleagues and introducing them to the company culture.
  • HR Learn: Nurture a culture of learning with a LMS developed by eLearning experts. Offer branded and customized instruction via remote, in-person, microlearning or instructor-led training. Automate compliance training and certifications.
  • HR Insights: Simplify HR analytics by unifying all people-data across systems to uncover insights and drive businesses forward. Mid-sized businesses benefit from flexible, powerful and customizable reporting to allow for shorter time-to-impact. Securely manage personal information through SOC2 and GDPR compliant software.

To learn more about HireRoad’s new end-to-end talent acquisition platform or schedule a demo, please visit

HireClix, a leading recruitment marketing services company, today launched its Career Site solution to provide enterprise-sized organizations with an upgraded, dynamic career site experience for candidates on a modern, consumer-grade technology platform. The solution aims to solve the pain points that many talent acquisition professionals are facing in a tight labor market by providing the capability to offer a unique and customized design, as well as the ability to rapidly create and edit content.

HireClix’s Career Site capabilities provide companies with a customizable and scalable career site with a faster speed to deployment. The new career site deployments on average are taking only 60-90 days to go live, in comparison to other solutions that could otherwise take up to a full year.

“When organizations are putting in so much time, money and effort to attract candidates, the experience you deliver matters,” said Neil Costa, CEO and Founder at HireClix. “There is an assumption that you are going to treat your employees the way you treat your candidates, so at HireClix we’re eager to help companies put their best foot forward and provide an upgraded career site experience in a cost-neutral way.”

SkillGigs, Inc., an ecommerce talent marketplace that pairs skilled healthcare and technology job seekers with AI-matched work opportunities, today unveiled a new platform experience for its users. The re-engineered platform will give skilled professionals and companies an even more intuitive, easy-to-use direct sourcing application.

Thanks to the new enhancements, both employers and job candidates can more effectively create listings, screen through matches and have more productive compensation negotiations during the interview process using the platform’s bidding functionality. There are also improvements to the platform’s critical credentialing management, interview scheduling, and onboarding functions.

Another notable change is the addition of advanced search options for both employers seeking skills and job candidates looking for open positions. When both employers and talent first join the SkillGigs platform, their searches are a factor that informs the candidates or open positions they are matched with by the platform’s proprietary AI. From there, they have the option to further refine their matches or add new searches. 

Job candidates are now able to filter openings based on job type, skill listings, location and workplace policy, in addition to extensive existing options. 

Employers are now able to filter their talent searches based on skill listings type, worker location, budget/compensation expectations and experience level, in addition to extensive existing options. 

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