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LumApps, a leading employee experience platform, is launching a new feature to help organizations promote knowledge sharing, improve collaboration and drive employee engagement across teams. 

Spaces’ is an evolution of LumApps Communities. The new interactive hubs integrate various digital tools, making it easier for employees to find and exchange information, share experiences, and engage with colleagues across the entire organization or within specific communities. With Spaces, employees can:

  • Create and share interactive posts using rich media like video 
  • Generate blogs and exchange knowledge in easy-to-share articles
  • Create events (virtual or in-person) with invitation and registration functionality 
  • Build intuitive navigation for frequently used resources

Spaces also includes advanced analytics that offer leaders and administrators better visibility into the reach and impact of peer-to-peer interactions. 

Circa is pleased to announce the launch of LaborIQ, a compensation software solution providing human resource (HR) teams with salary answers for all occupations in the U.S. The new partnership with Dallas-based, LaborIQ®, will support HR teams with accurate and predictive salary data to develop proactive compensation strategies without the burden of a dedicated full-time position.

LaborIQ will provide Circa clients with unlimited, nationwide access to compensation and retention solutions, through three main features:

  1. Salary Answers. Access to recommended compensation and salary ranges for 20,000 job titles by location, industry, and company size.
  2. Pay Benchmarks. Compare individuals or team salaries to current and future market pay rates while proactively identifying pay gaps.
  3. Expert Analysis. Talent supply and market insights into key drivers of compensation demands to help build a candidate pipeline, faster.

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