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MangoApps, the leading unified employee hub for modern intranet, communications and engagement, is thrilled to announce groundbreaking artificial intelligence capabilities that will redefine the way businesses operate, collaborate, and engage.

“As the landscape of business rapidly evolves, it’s imperative for companies to harness the transformative power of AI to stay competitive and foster a dynamic, inclusive, and efficient workplace,” said Anup Kejriwal, CEO of MangoApps. “Our newly unveiled generative AI capabilities, coupled with personalization and translation processes, ensure that MangoApps continues to lead, setting the gold standard for the modern AI-powered workspace.”

Breaking Down Barriers with AI

MangoApps’ revolutionary hub boasts a suite of features structured into seven main categories, each meticulously crafted to enhance employee experiences:

  1. Employee Assistant AI: A chatbot surpassing conventional search engines by intuitively crawling through files and conversations, swiftly addressing employee inquiries, streamlining communication, and aiding those not well-versed with search taxonomy.
  2. Content Enhancement AI: A real-time content improver, capable of summarizing, expanding, and refining any snippet of writing. Coupled with sentiment analysis, it ensures precise messaging and optimal tone.
  3. Accessibility & Inclusion AI: Offering instant translation of user-generated content, auto-captioning for videos, and text-to-speech features, this capability ensures a seamlessly inclusive environment, bridging linguistic and accessibility gaps.
  4. Personalization & Engagement AI: Employing intelligent algorithms, this AI prioritizes the most critical newsfeed updates, filters out irrelevant ones, and molds the platform in tune with user behavior, ensuring a hyper-personalized user experience.
  5. Compliance & Security AI: A proactive security overseer that reports potential PII threats and suspicious activity patterns, facilitating seamless admin management with robust features.
  6. Talent Management AI: An intelligent chatbot connecting organizational dots by recognizing employee strengths, roles, and unique skills, thereby aiding project-specific specialization.
  7. Operations & Workflow AI: This AI, among other things, efficiently verifies task completion, reducing manual oversight, and enhancing workflow speed.

Remote, the leader in building, managing, and supporting globally distributed workforces, today announced its new platform enhancements.

With Remote’s new platform capabilities, customers can consolidate their HR stack, saving tens of thousands of dollars and streamlining manual work. Remote offers a single platform to hire, manage and pay a global workforce all from one place — simply and compliantly. The new products build on Remote’s vertically integrated global infrastructure of entities and payment networks, in-house experts, and a deep understanding of local laws and norms embedded in the platform, and include:

  • Remote HRIS: Now generally available at no cost, companies can add all employees to the platform and manage them from onboarding through offboarding.Remote HRIS includes talent management, time and attendance tracking, expense management, and integrated payroll, with self-service functionality for employees globally through a mobile app or the web.
  • Employer of Record: Companies can hire, manage, and pay employees in countries where they don’t have a legal entity, reducing risk and complexity as they expand. Remote helps companies attract top talent with the ability to offer worldwide equity incentives and country-specific benefits packages at highly-negotiated rates.
  • Contractor Management: Pay and manage international and domestic contractors with automated onboarding and invoicing, localized contracts and tax compliance, and easy payments in multiple currencies without conversion costs.
  • Global Payroll: Consolidate global payroll operations with confidence. Remote enables companies to run global payroll in minutes through a simple interface, powered end-to-end by Remote’s full-stack processes and global knowledge.
  • Remote API: Seamlessly integrate global HR functionalities into customers’ preferred tools to securely sync data and improve workflows. As the first and most advanced API for global employment, the Remote API also enables software partners to embed Remote’s global employment services directly within their platforms.

“When we started Remote in 2019, building a globally distributed team was a rarity. Today, it’s the best strategy companies can adopt if they want to compete in the global economy,” said Job van der Voort, CEO and Co-founder of Remote. “We see an opportunity to build on the global employment infrastructure we have created to enable international hiring, and now help any distributed business grow quickly and efficiently.”

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