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LOS ANGELES — Professional storytelling evolves today with the launch of McCoy, a first-of-its-kind iOS app and career platform set to disrupt the networking and hiring landscape. A video-first format, McCoy gives professionals the power to visually speak to their unique career paths and more effectively showcase their passions and personality.

Founded by brothers Josh Gafni (previously of Tinder and Disney) and Ben Gafni (previously of Google and StackCommerce), McCoy’s mission is to transcend the online profiles and resumes that have remained unchanged for decades and instead focus on the actual human beings behind them.

“When I switched careers from corporate finance to software engineering, it was tough to show employers why I was making the move and to prove I had the right skills,” said Josh Gafni. “As both a job seeker and later as a hiring manager building a team, seeing beyond the resume was a constant challenge. That’s why I created McCoy—to allow people to authentically share their career stories, make connections, and discover opportunities without being overlooked.”

Josh Gafni

Through the platform’s McCoy Reels, professionals highlight more than just skills and experience; they reveal aptitude, personality, and goals, through:

  • High quality video recording tools, video endorsements by current and past team members, and a suite of multimedia options that allow users to visually present past work through image albums, audio clips, and PDF files.
  • Flexible sharing capabilities to seamlessly insert McCoy Reels into professional networks, job applications, emails, and social media platforms via dedicated links or QR codes.
  • A dynamic Networking Feed to browse, discover, and connect with new people and opportunities.
  • AI-powered talking points, with a teleprompter, that turn personal stories into compelling, professional introductions.

Unlike AI solutions that often depersonalize networking and hiring, McCoy leverages AI in a human way to amplify authentic professional expression. “We knew AI risked making every online profile and resume ‘artificial.’ McCoy’s AI, however, guides users to mold their stories into concise talking points that they’d be confident sharing on camera in their own voice,” said Ben Gafni.

McCoy differs from the one-way, asynchronous interviews increasingly being used in job applications by shifting control to candidates. Instead of being told to answer specific questions, candidates proactively choose what to talk about and who they share it with. Companies still get the information they need to make evidence-based evaluations, while applicants get the opportunity to speak to why they’re right for the job and dispel any stereotypes or false assumptions – up front – before interview decisions are made.

J.T. O’Donnell, CEO of Work It DAILY and a LinkedIn Top Voice in the career development space, recently joined McCoy as Chief Marketing Officer, rounding out the executive team. “Competition is fierce, with employers seeing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applicants for each role,” said O’Donnell. “A McCoy Reel can help a job seeker introduce themselves to hiring managers in a way that’s just not possible today – standing out and showing their intrinsic motivation in the process.”

In addition to launching the platform, McCoy has also begun accepting submissions to its early access program for hiring managers. McCoy Hiring Reels enable companies to showcase their people and open positions in a more immersive and compelling way than traditional job descriptions.

To learn more about McCoy, please visit, and see for best practices and how-tos.

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