Recruiting platform dotin Inc. Releases New Diversity and Inclusion Module

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Recruiting platform dotin Inc., which improves the recruitment and retention of new and existing talent, has released of their latest service module, PerFit-Diversity and Inclusion.

The new dotin Inc. PerFit-Diversity and Inclusion module leverage AI to gather insights related to employee makeup, helping organizations realize the gender and ethnic diversity within their workforce. By acting as a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) barometer, companies can easily see the diversity of their current workforce. They can then create a plan to address inclusion gaps to meet DEI goals in a scalable and non-intrusive format, as no personally identifiable information is required. 

Using the module is simple – organizations only need to provide employee names and locations. The advanced technology found in the PerFit-Diversity and Inclusion module utilizes sociolinguistics to extract semantics, enabling the system to recognize the linguistic or cultural origin of names in any alphabet or language with the highest possible degree of accuracy. 

“Our mission is to make sense of organizational inclusion and diversity in the fastest, easiest, and most non-intrusive way possible,” said dotin Inc. Founder and CEO Ganesh Iyer. “Our Diversity and Inclusion module does just that. With nothing but names and locations, dotin Inc. can provide critical insights that will make it easy for companies to assess and increase their workplace equity and inclusion.”

Not only can organizations assess their internal DEI, but they can also apply these insights to suppliers, vendors, or other partners. By taking the time to assess the inclusion and diversity of their various talent sources, organizations can better focus their resources on partners whose talent offerings are more diverse.

The new PerFit-Diversity and Inclusion module are currently available to dotin Inc. users and via native integration with ATS platforms like CEIPAL. If you’re interested in leveraging this revolutionary new technology, reach out to today.

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