SkillHero Expands Its Career Explorer to 35 Trades, Mapping Over 7,000 Skills to Create the Largest Trade Skills Database

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CHICAGO – SkillHero, the leading software platform dedicated to assisting early career candidates in the skilled trades, introduces the expansion of its Career Explorer module. This dynamic resource has been meticulously crafted to empower individuals seeking to navigate the skilled trades by providing a comprehensive and engaging digital library of insights into a variety of career paths.

The Career Explorer includes detailed information on 35 trades and 245 trade specialties within the Construction and Manufacturing industries. Members can build a solid foundation upon which to launch their professional journey by utilizing the Career Explorer to gain a clear understanding of each trade and specialty.

Included with Career Explorer is the Skill Central database which maps over 7,000 skills across Trades and career paths. The module’s structured format ensures that individuals and employers can easily identify and develop the skills required for their chosen path. This database is instrumental in guiding individuals through their career progressions, from the initial steps as a Pre-Apprentice to the mastery of a Journeyman.

Trade skill dimensions include Trade Foundation, Physical, Tools & Equipment, and Technical skills. Core skills include Employability and Health & Safety, supported by SkillHero’s education partnership with┬áCareerSafe.

A Perfect Fit for Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs

In service of the federal and state mandated program requirements for career path exploration in Career and Technical Education (CTE), the SkillHero Career Explorer is an invaluable asset for educators and institutions. By aligning with the curriculum standards of secondary CTE programs, this module offers a ready-to-use, comprehensive tool for career path exploration, simplifying program compliance and enriching the educational experience for students.

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About SkillHero

SkillHero is a new workforce technology company serving the growing demand for talent in the skilled trades. SkillHero offers the resources, connections and pathways necessary for individuals to explore and begin a meaningful trades career.

For employers, SkillHero unlocks a more informed, motivated and diverse recruiting pipeline for the skilled jobs of today and tomorrow.

For more information about SkillHero and to begin using the ApprenticeConnect database, visit

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