TalentXi Announces Licensing Agreement of First-of-its-Kind Recruitment Technology

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Ongoing innovation and new product development create opportunities for future partnerships and co-licensing.

TalentXi announced today the first licensing agreement of its integrated online job recruitment system (U.S. Patent 7,653,567) to a partner in the recruitment marketing space. 

TalentXi (Talent Extended Intelligence) is a leader in HR Tech, with in-depth knowledge of recruitment smart automation, recruitment digital marketing, and human resources enterprise technology. In 2005, the company built and patented a first-of-its-kind technology to connect job seekers with job opportunities through an easy-to-use, highly time-efficient online platform. 

The licensing agreement enables the TalentXi technology to reach a broader audience and make a bigger impact for organizations needing to advertise to quality candidates. With a digital-first approach to hiring, TalentXi combines a job search engine with sponsored job posts to get jobs in front of the right candidates at the right time. The technology’s unique methodology accelerates the hiring process and reduces overall recruitment costs. 

In the spirit of continued innovation, TalentXi is actively engaged in product development and is preparing to bring to market a new solution that utilizes intelligent job advertising backed by powerful analytics to convert passive candidates into active candidates. 

“TalentXi is vested in developing groundbreaking solutions that help strengthen organizations’ talent acquisition strategies,” said a representative from TalentXi. “We’re excited to be delivering technology that’s more efficient, more effective, and achieves better results.”

The company is pursuing new partnerships and co-licensing opportunities for the technology currently in development. Interested parties can connect with TalentXi by visiting www.talentxi.io

About TalentXi

TalentXi (Talent Extended Intelligence) is a powerful talent acquisition consultancy and service that helps businesses accelerate their human capital transformations. Inventing tomorrow’s technologies today, TalentXi offers a first-of-its-kind patent (U.S. Patent 7,653,567) that combines unparalleled technology with the human touch of an expert. For more information on TalentXi, visit www.talentxi.io.

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